Uploading Instructions

1. Main archive

- All files for upload to pack into a single archive

- Accepted files with the extension .zip or .rar

- Maximum archive size 500 mb

- All file names are in Latin only. Instead of spaces, “_” or “-”. All paths to textures should also be only Latin letters.

- If you upload several files for different versions of programs or for different renderers, this information should be contained in the name of the corresponding files

- Primitive texture names are not allowed. For example: “5”, “Texture”, “Bump”, “Red” and the like. Ideally, if the names of the textures contain the name of the main file. For example, the main file is called “House_01”, then the textures should be called “House_01_wood_difuse”, “House_01_wood_bump”, “House_01_brick_difuse”, etc. This is not a requirement, but buyers will be grateful to you and this may affect the rating score of your model.

- The main file should only contain what is shown in the preview. Presence of garbage geometry, unnecessary light sources and cameras in the file is not allowed.

- If you use any third-party (even free) plug-ins, you must specify this in the description of the model.

- If possible, save an additional file for an older version of the program. This may affect the amount of sales.

- We recommend that you scan your files before sending them for software viruses with the help of anti-virus plug-ins, for example this or others that you know

- We recommend that you use the Model Packer script to pack the archive. By selecting the 3D BAZA preset in the settings you will get an archive that fully meets the requirements of our site. The script can be used for free, you can buy a license if you want.

2. Preview

- Images for the preview should be either in the shape of a square or a horizontal rectangle

- The maximum size of one image is 2 MB

- The number of previews is not limited. Try to make the most informative previews, this may affect the number of sales of your model.

- Preview mesh model necessarily

- It is forbidden to place a trademark logo on a preview unless you are the owner of this trademark

3. Title and Description

- Give your model a concise and accurate name. If this is a model of something really existing, indicate the manufacturer and the name of the collection. 

- Do not use abstract words in the name. For example: “Beautiful,” “Excellent,” and the like.

- Use the language that is installed on your site for the name and description. We independently translate both the name and description.

- Try to make the description as complete as possible, but do not write anything extra that does not belong to the model

4. Tags

- It is forbidden to specify tags that are not related to your model.

- A tag can consist of several words.

5. Choose category and attributes

- Before uploading a model, look at all the categories and choose what suits you best

- You can load a model into several categories, but only into those to which your model may relate

- Do not mark attributes to which your model does not belong

Last revised date: December 6, 2019

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