Service Provision Policy

The procedure for the provision of services: 1. Downloading and purchasing Models is only available to authorized Buyers in accordance with the terms of the User agreement. 2. Payment details are provided by the Buyer by entering them in the established form at the time of purchase. The buyer independently chooses the most suitable payment method from among the methods offered by the Site. 3. The buyer understands and agrees that the procedure and methods of payment may, among other things, contain additional requirements established by third parties (payment operators). The buyer agrees to read and agree to such requirements before choosing any payment method. The site administration has the right to cancel and add payment methods unilaterally and without further notice to Customers. 4. The purchase of the Model is a one-time transaction between the Buyer and the Seller, concluded in electronic form. The buyer acknowledges that the consent provided electronically constitutes the Buyer's agreement and intention to be bound by such transactions and to pay for such transactions. The consent of the Seller and its intention to assume the corresponding obligations shall apply to all actions of the Seller relating to all transactions concluded between the Seller and the Buyer through the Site. 5. The price of the Model may be changed without prior notice to the Buyer at any time before making a purchase. In the case of a one-time or permanent decrease in the value of the Model, the difference in the value of the previously purchased Model current on a specific date is not made. 6. The buyer and the Seller are solely responsible for the payment of taxes, fees, duties and other mandatory payments provided for by the legislation of the country where they are residents. 7. The buyer may incur additional costs in addition to the Model, which may include fees for processing and converting currency when purchasing on the Site. 3DBaza does not control the exchange rates or fees of your financial institution that makes the transaction. 8. The paid Model is subject to download to the Buyer's personal PC* device online after the Seller receives money for the paid Model. 9. The site administration considers that it has fulfilled its obligations to provide services for the sale of the Model at the time of granting access to its download. 10. All Model sales are final. The user is given a trial period of checking the Model equal to 15 (fifteen) minutes from the moment of payment for the Model and its availability for download to the PC. If during the trial period of use of the Model the Buyer decides to make a return and this is stated in the prescribed form, the site Administration will consider this application in accordance with the current policy of return and cancellation, in case of a positive decision will cancel the corresponding transaction within a reasonable time. After the trial period expires, any returns of the previously purchased Model are prohibited.

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