Refund and Cancellation Policy

This Refund and Cancellation Policy applies to all items submitted for domain names 1. Taking into account the nature of the digital content, the purchase may be returned only if the Model does not match its description on the Model page. 2. 3DBaza will not consider return requests in the following situations: - you change your mind to buy this Model; - you bought the Model by mistake; - you do not have enough experience to use this Model; - you no longer have access to the Model, due to its removal from the base of the Website. 3. If you have a complaint about a product not meeting its description, you must first indicate what the discrepancy is and only if we are unable to provide you with a product that meets this description, a refund will be made. 4. Return requests are sent through the feedback form in the user’s personal account. 5. By agreeing to this User Agreement, the Buyer confirms the waiver of his/her 14-day right of return in respect of the digital content (the Model).

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