Rights to use models

The Model may not be sold or transferred to another person or organisation in the form in which it was downloaded from the Website.

The Operating Licence is strictly limited to the included Model. Any distribution or sale of a Model which is not an Incorporated Product is strictly forbidden. For example, it is allowed to use it:

- to create static or animated images;

- to create video games as part of the visual content of the game, however, provided that the users of the game do not have the opportunity to save this Model outside of this game;

- to create printed images on t-shirts, posters or any other subjects;

- as part of a physical object, such as a toy, a doll or a model of something

If you use the Model in software (such as video games, simulators or virtual worlds), you must take all reasonable actions to prevent the end user from gaining access to the Model. The Model protection methods shall include, but shall not be limited to:

- the use of a proprietary disc format, such as Xbox, PlayStation, etc.;

- the use of a proprietary product format;

- the use of your own database or password-protected database for storing the Model data;

- the encryption of the Model data.

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