Conditions for buyers

The buyer can be any user registered on the 3Dbaza marketplace. You must understand and remember that when purchasing a product, you purchase it directly from the author, and not from 3Dbaza. We do not sell goods, we only provide a trading platform.

Product purchase

Buying Methods:

Once you have added the item to your cart, you have two ways to pay for your purchase.

Payment system: select the payment option of an available payment system and follow the instructions. You will be billed in your currency, while the amount may differ slightly from the one stated on the site, it depends on the exchange rate of the payment system, which sometimes may not coincide with the exchange rate on the site.

3Dbaza Balance: select the option “Pay from balance 3Dbaza”, the amount of the purchase in Coins (internal currency of the site) will be debited from your balance. If your balance on the site is empty, you can replenish it through an available payment system in your account in the “Payouts and deposit” section (Make a deposit).

How to download the model:

Once you have paid for the goods, it becomes available for download. We recommend downloading the model immediately after the acquisition, since we are not the owners of the goods and the goods can be deleted at any time at the request of the author. Depending on whether you purchase goods at a regular price or at a discount, the download methods differ.

Regular price purchase: You can download the model in your personal account in the “Purchases” section at any time and any number of times while the model is on sale on our website.

Discounted purchase: when purchasing goods at a discount, you can download the model only once from the link that will be sent to your mail immediately after payment. Such a product will be displayed in your personal account in the “Purchases” section, but in the future you will only be able to download a license for this model.

Bonus system

For buyers who purchase goods on the 3Dbaza market, a bonus cashback system works. Cash back is automatically credited to the user's balance on the site upon reaching a certain number of “customer points”. You can see the balance of your customer points in your personal account. Buyer points are awarded for each purchase in the amount of 10% of the purchase amount. The percentage of cash back increases from 1 to 7%. The cashback accrual scheme is displayed in the table, which 3Dbaza may change from time to time at its own discretion:


Buyer Points

Cashback Percentage

Cashback Amount, coins























Upon reaching the maximum percentage (7%), a cash back is awarded for every subsequent 2500 points of the buyer in the amount of 1750 coins.


Taking into account the nature of the digital content, the purchase may be returned only if the Model does not match its description on the Model page.

3DBaza will not consider return requests in the following situations:

   - you change your mind to buy this Model;

   - you bought the Model by mistake;

   - you do not have enough experience to use this Model;

   - you no longer have access to the Model, due to its removal from the base of the Website.


Effective date: Oct 10, 2019.

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